About Us

Who We Are

Rockies LNG Partnership is a group of British Columbia and Alberta natural gas producers who have aligned together to find a producer led, collaborative LNG solution for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

As active producers in the prolific Montney and Duvernay regions, Rockies LNG Partnership member companies collectively produce 3.0+ bcf/d of production, representing 20% of all Canadian natural gas production.

This current production is backed by more than ~5 million aggregate acres of premium Montney and Duvernay fairway which provides decades of future growth to serve international markets via LNG.

Rockies LNG Partners believes that there is strength in unity. No single producer has the capacity to expedite an LNG project alone. We believe that creating market access is critical to a healthy producing community and that through collaboration and effective partnerships LNG projects can get done in Canada.

Our Objectives

Rockies LNG Partners is looking to advance a Producer-Led LNG project that has the following aspects:

  • Support, collaboration and partnership of Indigenous communities
  • Promotes sustainable, lasting economic development opportunities for all partners
  • Identifies opportunities to reduce emissions and is part of the global climate solution
  • Developed in a responsible manner that respects nature
  • Provides a vehicle to develop additional international export markets
  • Facilitates the lowest cost combination of facility and pipeline tolls
  • Positioned to achieve regulatory approvals